Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Information Filtering Behavior

Here is an abstract for my project:

"Information filtering has been one of the central concerns of information science, especially with regards to information filtering algorithms for information retrieval. However, to date comparatively little research has focused on understanding how people filter information in everyday life through sociocultural and behavioral mechanisms and choices. This paper presents the results of an exploratory qualitative interview study which uncovered a number of sociocultural and behavioral adaptations in relation to information and information technologies for information filtering. Based on these findings, we make the case that further work is necessary to understand specific information filtering behaviors and their connections to existing and emerging technologies. These understandings, we argue, will be necessary for designing appropriate, effective, and sustainable information technologies."

The project itself has several elements, including a paper, and anotated bibliography, and some proposed research documents. Mostly the point was to say that this is an understudied issue, and to present some preliminary data.

The complete project is available here.


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