Thursday, December 09, 2004

Evaluating Information Quality in Mediated Communications: A Case Study of Gay Marriage

I address the following question:
Is the information we are looking at authoritative and how do we
assess it as such?

I looked at 4 different websites suggesting ways to determine
authority online and I compiled my own set of standards, based on my
research into the subject of gay marriage.

I broke it down into four criteria: Accessibility, Timeliness,
Authority, and Objectivity and looked at different media forms,
including books, dictionaries, online news, websites, and blogs.

I was intrigued by this subject for a number of reasons:
-the evolution of the term gay marriage in the dictionary over the
past few years as well as related terms like gaydar, gay pride,
homosexual marriage
-the nature of blogs or personal websites about gay marriages (all
were rooted in some sort of bias, many of which were faith-based,
although, surprisingly, not all Christians and other religious believers
were opponents of gay marriage, some were equally strongly in favor of
-bloggers have a strong say in how media and news sources have
evolved, media has to be careful about what they say!

You can read it here.


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